Shiho's Breathtaking Scenery Guide

Karin Shikata


Born in January 1990. After graduating from Takarazuka Drama Group, she started her career as a professional photographer. She has released exhibitions in Japan and overseas in London and Singapore. Karin’s photographs tell a beautiful story.
2015/11 Hanshin Department Store “London★London”
2016/2 Hankyu Umeda Department Store “Osaka Colorful Keikara”
2016/4 Move activities to Berlin.

Special Thanks

I made this photo story inspired by the beautiful sights of Mie prefecture shared to me by Shiho. The story is about a couple who make the “precious sights” and “special moments” of Mie into a wonderful birthday present. As well as capturing their amazement at the beautiful sights, I also wanted to capture their excitement about what comes next. While being drawn into sparkling colors of nature, we were able to discover the charm of a new journey.

  • Shisiiwa

    Shishiiwa was even more powerful than I saw in photos, and I loved it! The way to the cave of Onigajo was so dark that I held on to the flashlight. It would be lonely if I went alone. In the cave we heard the silent sounds of the ripples, while the moonlight shined at the ocean. I’m eager to visit again and shoot photos when there is a new moon. It was a mystic space the nature has created.