Shiho's Breathtaking Scenery Guide

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(Part 2 release - end of April)

Karin Shikata


Born in January 1990. After graduating from Takarazuka Drama Group, she started her career as a professional photographer. She has released exhibitions in Japan and overseas in London and Singapore. Karin’s photographs tell a beautiful story.
2015/11 Hanshin Department Store “London★London”
2016/2 Hankyu Umeda Department Store “Osaka Colorful Keikara”
2016/4 Move activities to Berlin.

Special Thanks

I made this photo story inspired by the beautiful sights of Mie prefecture shared to me by Shiho. The story is about a couple who make the “precious sights” and “special moments” of Mie into a wonderful birthday present. As well as capturing their amazement at the beautiful sights, I also wanted to capture their excitement about what comes next. While being drawn into sparkling colors of nature, we were able to discover the charm of a new journey.

  • Shima Nature School

    Shima Nature School
    You can see through to the emerald green of sea floor! It is so beautiful!!
    When you lie down in the water ball, it’s a bit chilly but a really refreshing feeling.
    I think the idea that your dog can also come in with you is great! There are even special lifejackets just for dogs.

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  • Shima Nature School

    Amagoya Hut Experience

    Enjoy lunch at the Amagoya hut as you listen to the stories of the women shell divers. Spend a nice relaxing time and enjoy great food of charcoal grilled fish, rice and miso soup that will warm your heart and soul.

    >>Amagoya Hut Experience “Satoumi-an”